It’s Time to Bring Beer to SA’s Shelves!

Sign now to champion choice, uplift craft brewers, and fuel our economy by bringing beer to grocery store shelves.

South Africa stands as a beacon of diversity and innovation. However, a lingering piece of legislation restricts a significant aspect of our consumer choice: the absence of beer, including our unique craft beers, from regular store shelves.

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Ever Wondered Why You Can't Buy Beer in Grocery Stores?

Current legislation prohibits the sale of beer in grocery stores, limiting consumer choice and creating an uneven playing field for our passionate brewers.

We believe it's time to change this !

Empower Consumer Choice

In modern South Africa, you, the consumers, deserve a freedom of choice that aligns with international norms. You deserve the ability to select their preferred brews from all available grocery stores.

Support Our Brewers

From the heart of our cities to the serene countryside, South African brewers craft beverages that tell a story of heritage and innovation. Making their brews more accessible recognises their contribution and supports their continued growth.

Economic Growth & Job Creation

Beer makes up more than 2% of South Africa’s GDP, and accounts for almost 250,000 jobs across our beautiful country.

The beer industry is more than a collection of brands; it’s a significant economic contributor. By expanding its availability, we can ignite new economic avenues, support job creation, and enhance local business opportunities.

Together, we’re calling on government to revisit the existing legislation, champion consumer choice, celebrate our brewers, and stimulate economic growth. Together, we can move towards a future where every beer finds its deserving place on our shelves.