About Us

BASA brings together the main beer manufacturers in the country namely, CBASA (Craft Brewers Association South Africa), Heineken South Africa and South African Breweries. It was established in order to create a unified voice on issues affecting the beer industry and enhance beer culture in South Africa.

The BASA is mandated to affirm beers position as the product of choice for those that choose to drink it and to do so responsibly. 

The BASA aims to differentiate beer as it is a product of moderation and the manufacturers of beer in South Africa have committed to championing regulation and transformation of the alcohol industry.

The BASA will also focus on advocating for the responsible advancement of the interests of beer manufacturers, promoting ethical and legal trade practices and facilitating the sustainable growth of the sector.

Economic and Social Contribution of the SA Beer Industry:

1 Source: Data sourced from industry consultations and modelled impact by Genesis Analytics based on theSouth African Supply and Use Table for 2015.

BASA Strategic Imperatives

BASA will be focusing on the followinG strategic imperatives in order to achieve its main objectiVES


Tell the story of the beer industry

In order to enhance the reputation of the industry and create a beer culture in the country, we will start actively sharing and promoting the many positive stories coming from the sector. This includes the fact that it is the most popular alcohol beverage in terms of volume and value, it is a key job creator and economic contributor and it is a diverse, increasingly transformed sector with the growing craft beer community helping differentiate the industry and increasing consumer choice.


Support improved regulation within the beer sector

Improved regulation is critical for the sustainable growth of the sector.  The BASA will work with government to ensure greater compliance within the industry and to develop. a regulatory framework that facilitates the entry of new participants and encourages diversification of ownership. This will include  a mutually beneficial excise regime where the needs of government are met while reducing the cost burden on the industry and addressing unemployment at the same time.

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22,137 have signed.
Let’s get to 25,000!