Our Mission

  • To further unity of purpose, dedication, and a shared vision of growth in the beer industry.
  • To ensure beer culture is celebrated through responsible consumption.
  • To emphasise the sector’s substantial economic and social contributions.

Our Vision

A South Africa in which:

  • The beer economy is grown to the benefit of all through a supportive regulatory regime
  • The beer industry creates jobs and develops skills
  • A culture of responsible drinking is established
  • Beer is acknowledged as the lower alcohol option it is, compared to other alcoholic drinks
  • Beer culture is rightfully seen as part of South Africa’s tradition and heritage

Our Values

Our core values guide our organizational decisions and actions. BASA’s values are at the heart of its culture, and they help determine how we invest our time and resources by guiding our priorities and decisions.

BASA’s values are:


We value the ability to anticipate and respond to a changing business environment for our members and create solutions for new challenges.

Customer Service

We value our members and are committed to providing engaging services and being ambassadors for the beer industry.


Provide expertise, direction, and resources to the industry.


We operate with integrity, transparency and good faith in all of our interactions.

BASA Governance

Board of Directors

Executive Management

Charlene Louw

Chief Executive Officer

Our Strategic Goals

Beer Reputation

Establishing beer as the modern, vibrant and responsible beverage it is.

Beer Regulation

Working with national and provincial governments to establish regulations and legislation that support economic growth.

Beer Partnerships

Identifying strategic partners through which the beer industry's relevance and primacy can be promoted.