Steve Peel

Brewery: Shackleton Brewing Company


Location: Western Cape

What is your current position at your brewery, and how did you get started in the craft brewing industry?

I am the owner and brewer of Shackleton Brewing Company.

I was a home brewer and then decided to turn professional.

What’s new at your brewery?

We have a taproom now! And a few new tanks.

What’s the best part of being a part of the South African craft brewing community?

Knowledge sharing is a must for survival. Combining different processes and techniques keep driving the industry.

Name your favourite food and beer pairing.

Line fish and Kolsch!

What’s your biggest accomplishment unrelated to your job?

I’ve been lucky enough to go on a three month expedition to Antarctica.

What’s your favourite beer from another brewery?

It would have to be the new Jack and Giant collaboration beer from Mad Giant and Jack Black’s Brewing Co.

What do you like to do in your time away from the brewery?

There is not much time away from the brewery 😂

What’s the most memorable travel destination at which you’ve had a chance to sample the local beer?

North Devon District, England.